Counter plate
The counter plate is fixed to the moving part of the construction.
For example an expanding pipe or roof.
The counter plate consist out of a special stainless steel sheet with the correct roughness.
For easy installation and handling this sheet is often welded to a ridged (stainless) steel plate.

Sliding pad
This is a PTFE or an other type of high tech plastic that is embedded in a ridged (stainless) steel base plate.
For extra fixation this sliding plate can be secured with a plastic screw.

Base plate
A ridged (stainless) steel plate with a chamber that holds the sliding plate in position. The base plate can be supplied in a bolt able or a weld able execution.

Some types have a base plate out of two part allowing some angular adjustment of the bearing.








In case the bearings are used upside down or in a vertical position, this should be mentioned in the technical requisitions. For use in these special position it must be ensured that the PTFE-sliding pads cannot fall out of the base plate. Fixation of pad to base plate can be realized by a means of a nylon screw through the pad, fitted in a thread hole in the base plate. Fixation as described can be realized if ordered together with the bearings.