PTFE Sliding bearings
CORE PTFE low friction sliding bearings will support pipelines or mechanical constructions and allow unlimited displacements caused by temperature elongation. Due to the low friction coefficient the material stress is reduced to a minimum.

The CORE PTFE slide bearings are of a compact design and can be easily fit into any construction.

The CORE slide bearings generally operate under high loads and slow sliding velocity. Under these conditions there is almost no wear and the lifespan of the bearing is most likely to exceed the lifespan of the supported construction.

The friction coefficient is depending of many factors, such as the surface finish of the counter plate, the load, the sliding velocity and the temperature. The friction coefficient of the CORE sliding plates is approx. 0,06 to 0,10 in case a polished stainless steel counter plate is applied. This plate should have a roughness of  Rz:1 μm, Ra: 0,2 μm (A lower or higher roughness will increase the friction coefficient.) The best friction coefficient can be obtained by using a CORE bearing in combination with a CORE counter plate. 

The friction coefficient can even be reduced by using a dimpled PTFE plate and special, life time, lubrication. The friction coefficient then will be approx 0,03 to 0,06.

For our standard program the load range is specified per type and dimension. In general you will need a larger contact area for higher loads. Specials are calculated according to your demands and the design conditions specified.

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